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What's New in Aperture - October 2022 Update

September 2022



Share a Free Trial

As an Aperture Platform user you can now share a free trial of the ACM web software with another person (think: manufacturers, retailers, reps, industry contacts). Your colleague will have access to a sample ACM library so they can experience the power of our software tools first-hand. To get them started, simply click on your profile icon, select “Share Free Trial”, and fill out the necessary information in the fields. As a reminder, we have a referral program for existing customers. If someone you refer signs up for Aperture you get a free month!


Reorganized Adjustments

We’ve grouped adjustment sliders by type making it easier to work on specific aspects of your image. Find this in the Create Scene step under the adjustments tool.


Copy Image Info

Highlight and copy image information for easy pasting in File Name. Click Image Info in the top right corner and highlight and copy any necessary information from the pop up window.


300 DPI

Enjoy better image quality with all images now natively exporting at 300 DPI.

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