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What's New in Aperture - July 2022 Update

July 2022



Simplified Mask Approval

Speed up your workflow with a streamlined process for approving masks.

If a mask is correct simply choose the approve mask button and continue editing or go back to the gallery page. If a mask needs editing, simply start editing, apply the changes, then select the approve mask button.


Top View Transform for Rugs

Aperture Capture Tool now offers specialized templates for rug captures. Use the Top View template and Aperture will automatically transform the image into an overhead view. 

Please note that environment backgrounds will not be available for top down rug captures for the time being. Environment backgrounds will be implemented for top down rug captures in the near future.


A New Landing Page

Aperture has a new bookmark friendly landing page. Save the web page in your favorites list to quickly and easily access it.

What We Fixed

  • Added a title header to Temperature & Tint sliders for improved understanding of the tools functionality.
  • Selected draw mode will be maintained when switching between tools.
  • Added an Image Info button enabling access to information like SKU and Capture while editing images in the ACM.
  • Added a protection from entering invalid values in the manual crop tool.
  • Fixed an issue with thumbnail images not populating when duplicating an image.
  • Fixed an issue with saving duplicate file names for created images.

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