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What's New in Aperture - December 2022 Update


Export is now Add-Ons

The export step is now called Add-Ons. In this step you will find tools to crop, straighten, and add dimensions to your images. Think of them as the final editing touches. Once your image is complete simply click save and it will be stored in the product gallery for you to download at any time.

Export options have now been consolidated and can be found in one place, the product gallery. Choose the image(s) you wish to export or download, set your file type and size and click download.


Add Dimensions

The new dimension tool allows you to draw dimension lines and add text to annotate your images. Easily customize the look of your annotations with the simple formatting tools.

To use this tool open a raw capture or created image in the editor. After completing your edits navigate to Step 4 (Add-Ons) and select Dimensions from the tool list. Then click on the Add Dimension Markers button and a default line and text box will appear in the center of the canvas. Click on the line or text to select it then move it, resize it, and use the formatting tools in the control panel to get it looking just how you like it. Add as many annotations as you would like and to delete one simply select it and click the Trash icon to the right of the Add Dimension Markers button. You can also choose to hide or show this annotation layer by checking the Dimension Layer Visible box.

This feature is in beta testing and as always we welcome any feedback you may have.


Customize the Shape Tool Color

Is neon green not your cup of tea? Now you can change the default display color of the shape tool to any color. To do this navigate to your Profile Icon in the top right corner of the ACM and choose Account. Under Account Settings choose Preferences and set the desired color from the dropdown menu. You can choose from our preset colors or select a custom one by clicking on Other


Image Info

Image info is now conveniently located at the bottom of the canvas. This is visible on all screens of the editor and you can refer here for Capture name, SKU number, last edit date, and image dimensions. This text can be copied and pasted so you can include it in your naming convention or anywhere else you might need. 


Edit Image Name

Now you can edit your image name directly from the header bar. When starting from a Raw Capture the default image name will be Untitled. Click on the name to activate the text box and simply type in your new desired name. Click away from the text box to finalize it. If a name already exists you will get a warning.

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