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What's New in Aperture - April 2022 Update

April 2022 | V1.4.X


A More Intuitive Workflow

We have changed the order of operations in the creator tool to better suit a typical photo editing workflow. This improvement will help users create their final images with each step building on the previous one. The new workflow is as follows.

1. Mask

This is where you will review the AI generated background mask and make any necessary adjustments.

2. Create Scene

Here you will first choose a background, dial in your lighting, and then make your final photo edits.

3. Shadow

Now that your background and lighting are set you can choose and edit a shadow to suit your scene.

4. Export

Lastly you can crop and download different file types from the export page.


New Backgrounds

We have designed three new environmental backgrounds that can be utilized to elevate your product photos. In the “Create Scene” tab choose a background that suits your product and the correct perspective will be automatically applied.


Download a .PSD File

Users now have the option to download images as a .PSD (Photoshop) file with the mask on a separate layer. This is useful for images that require specialized and more robust editing. Simply choose .PSD from the dropdown menu before downloading.


Multi-Polygon Tools for Masking

Users can now draw more than one polygon at a time while cleaning up masks. This improvement makes it easier and faster to clean up masks on items with cutouts. In draw mode use control/command + click to start a new polygon. 


Improved Ground Shadows

Enjoy better rendered ground shadows and improved shadow editing tools. Informed by our machine learning technology we are now able to offer realistic ground shadows that are extracted from your actual captures. Use our new threshold and shadow boost tools to further refine your images.


Background Exposure Slider

We have added a simple background exposure slider to allow you to control the lightness and darkness of your chosen background. This is helpful when trying to match your background lighting to your product’s lighting.


Saved Crop

Crops applied to your images will now be saved. Once a crop is set you can return to edit that image at any time and the last saved crop will appear. When downloading images from the product page, the last saved crop will be applied.


What We Fixed

1. Fixed an issue with the infinite scroll not loading properly on the product page.

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