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Video Tutorial - Shadow in Draw Mode


  1. Using the shadow in Draw Mode for our product right here. 
  2. First click onto Draw mode which will bring us to the control here. This is very similar to masking. 
  3. You can use the Brush tool to Draw a shadow, you can Erase it and also Blur it. As you can see this is Blurring out right here.
  4. We can change the size of The Brush, The Strength of the Brush and The Shadow Strength.
  5. Moving on to Shape Tool. 
  6. Drawing a shadow with a Shape tool is very similar to masking. 
  7. We can go ahead and place our first point, the second point will start joining, and on the third point it will start to create a shape. Add the fourth point. 
  8. Once we have that we can go ahead and use the blur to blur out the shadow and the shadow strength.
  9. We can also use the Vignette tool to give more soft edges to the shadow. 
  10. So this was Shadow in Draw mode.  

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