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Video Tutorial - Bright and Airy Template


  1. Let's create a Bright and Airy template.
  2. Once we approve the Mask and move to Create Scene Option.
  3. Select your background and move to Lighting.
  4. In lighting, using the Key light direction scroller, We will select the lighting direction that we want coming into our product from.
  5. Once we have that we will add a little Contrast and some softness to the light.
  6. Fill light is the light coming from the top down. We will add some Brightness and Elevation to the light.
  7. Backlight is helping us pop our product from the back. We will add some brightness there. 
  8. Then we will go on to Adjustments, and Adjust the white balance and the tints.
  9. Once we have that we will go down to the save template option. 
  10. We will give this template a name and save it.
  11. Next time we wish to apply this Custom Template to another SKU. All we have to do is approve the mask, Come to Create scene option, Go to Custom and select our template.

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