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How to Search in the ACM

There are several ways to search for assets in the ACM. 

One can search using:

  • The scroll bar
  • List view or Thumb nails
  • Search Bar
  • By Category
  • Sort By
  • Skus, Captures, or Images

Using the Scroll Bar: A person can, quite simply, use the scroll bar and drag the scroll bar down as you search for the asset you are looking for. On the far right, click and hold the scroll bar, and pull down.



You can scroll using the thumb nail view or the list view of the assets. To switch to the list view, click on the 3 lines next to the four tiles in the top right. The view will switch from thumb nails to a list. 

Using the Search Bar: In the middle of the page, near the top, there is a search bar. One can type in keywords into the search bar, hit enter, and the ACM will search using the keywords you have provided. 

Search by Category:  


The categories are found near the top of the page underneath the search bar. Click on the category you wish to search by, click on one or more of your subcategories, and click in a “blank” space on the page. The ACM will sort the assets based on the category/subcategories you have selected. 

Search using "Sort by":



One can also search using the “Sort by” drop down menu. This menu allows you to search assets by Product Name, SKU#, Newer, and Older assets. Click on the down arrow next to “Sort by” and the drop down menu appears. Click on the way you would like the assets to appear. 

Search by SKUs, Captures, and Images:



Click on those 3 lines on the far right of the search bar. The drop down menu will appear. One can search by SKUs, Captures, or Images and specify whether you want “all” of those SKUs, Captures, or Images displayed or sorted using a specific length of time as a parameter. For example: One can specify they would like to see Captures taken within the past week. Click Captures and click Past Week and then click “Apply,” and all the captures taken within the last week will be shown. 

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