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FAQ - Aperture

Cannot Login to Aperture

How do I turn on the Rig?

How do I Log In?

How do I choose a template?

How do I place an asset inside the Rig?

How do I make minor adjustments to the template?

How do I adjust the height of the cameras manually?

How do I manually adjust the angle of the cameras?

How do I adjust the zoom of the cameras?

How do I change the distance the asset is away from the camera?

How do I change the rotation of the grid lines?

How do I shutdown the Rig?

What is a Mask?

How do I pan and zoom in ACM?

Can I undo what I just did in the ACM?

What Are Tags?

How to reset your Password

How to Create Custom Templates in the ACT

Billing Questions

How to Search in the ACM

How to Use Shadows in the ACM

Lighting Options in the ACM

Saving Images in ACM

How do I Rename an Image

How do I change a SKU?

Workflow in ACT


Downloading Images

Shape Masking Tool

Ground Shadows

Can Cropped Images Be Saved?

Keyboard Shortcuts for ACM

Error Upon Logging in due to Bookmark

Can I add my own Security Software to the Rig?