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What is Smart Trace?



Smart Trace

The purpose of smart trace is to use the ML mask as a starting ‘Shape’ to work with when editing the mask.

When the user presses the “Smart Trace” button, an outline is created around what the ML assumes to be the object/product (usually this is  what the machine learning has masked out already) Kind of like the image above. 

Then, from this, the user can either keep the outline as-is and use it with either the “fill, erase, cut out” tools in the shape option.

Or to modify the outline, the user can:

  • Drag any of the points around to move it
  • Click anywhere on the screen to add a point
  • Click any point already made to remove/delete it

Note that only one shape at a time can be applied. To create a separate shape you would first have to apply the current shape being edited. (This will be different when the multi polygon mask feature is implemented) 

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