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What are Categories and How to Use Them?

Categories are very useful for organizing your assets so that they can be found more easily. You are able to create and edit your own categories. To learn more about how to do this please see the article entitled, "How to Edit Categories."

Once you have created your categories they will appear just below the search bar at the top of the page and will look like this:


It is from here that you would be able to click on one of your categories and select the options from that category in order to initiate your search.


So far we have spoken about how to search using categories. Now will will turn our focus towards categorizing your captures/assets so that you can find them using categories.

Click on an image in your main gallery. This will bring you to that particular asset's gallery page. On the asset's gallery page you will see a tab for product info. Click Product Info.


On the right hand side of the screen you will see a scroll bar slider that can slide up and down. Slide down until you see Categories.


Select the category you would like to place your asset in. This will bring up a menu with the options in that particular category by which to classify the asset further.


In this example we would have chosen Spring 2022 and then the options for fire pits, tables, chairs, etc...would have popped up for us. We select the options we want and our asset will be categorized. For example if we had a pool side fire pit we wanted to be able to search for at a later time from our Spring 2022 catalog, We would chose Spring 2022, fire pits, and pool side, and then choose "Save Changes" on the lower left hand side of the screen.


Now you have successfully categorized an asset using Categories and it will be much easier to search and find it later.

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