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Lighting Options in the ACM

Lighting options for your image are to be found in the Create Scene step for creating your image. Along with the lighting options are your choices of background and any adjustments you may want to make to the image. Let's have a look.



The studio lights are represented by your standard 3 point lighting: Key Light, Fill Light, and your Back light. You can use the sliders to adjust all three of these lighting sources to make them brighter, or more dim, depending on your liking. You can also change the direction of the light using the direction slider. 



You can also adjust the lights manually by clicking on the lights as you see them in the image on the right. Each light represents a different lighting source from inside the rig itself. You can control the brightness, shine correction, and the overlay using the sliders provided. If you liked what you did for lighting in the studio lights and want to see what it looks like in the manual lights, you can copy the lighting scheme from the Studio lights to the manual lights.  



If you would like to punch up the darks in the capture, or play them down, you can do that with the slider shown here in adjustments. Same with brights, the exposure, midtones, and shadow strength. The slider for glare is to have more or less glare depending on the glare coming off of the asset in the capture. Saturation will deepen or lighten the color for the asset. 

The capture would not be complete without picking the right background. You can choose between transparent, white, light gray, medium gray, or dark gray. 

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