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Add Dimensions


The new dimension tool allows you to draw dimension lines and add text to annotate your images. Easily customize the look of your annotations with the simple formatting tools.

To use this tool open a raw capture or created image in the editor. After completing your edits navigate to Step 4 (Add-Ons) and select Dimensions from the tool list. Then click on the Add Dimension Markers button and a default line and text box will appear in the center of the canvas. Click on the line or text to select it then move it, resize it, and use the formatting tools in the control panel to get it looking just how you like it. Add as many annotations as you would like and to delete one simply select it and click the Trash icon to the right of the Add Dimension Markers button. You can also choose to hide or show this annotation layer by checking the Dimension Layer Visible box.

This feature is in beta testing and as always we welcome any feedback you may have.

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