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ACM Definitions: Masking

MASK - The Mask determines the shape of the object. The mask should be solid in parts of the image where the photographed object is, and transparent in parts of the image where the studio walls and floor are. 

A Machine Learning algorithm takes a first guess at the mask, but it must be approved by a human user before it may be used. This is called the ML Mask. Once a mask has been approved, it becomes the default for new images made either by the editor or the batch processor for that capture. 

Results from Machine Learning get better over time. Once the ML Mask needs no adjustment most of the time, we may drop the approval requirement.

HELP - This help option will take you to the Shortcuts that can be used in the Creator Tool. 

BACKGROUNDS - These backgrounds will help you assess the quality of Mask. They are temporary backgrounds:

  • WHITE 



  • DRAW - Reveals the background
  • ERASE - Conceals the background 
  • BLUR - Help soften sharp edges

SHAPE TOOL - To create a shape click on the canvas to set your first point. Click again to set your second point and notice a line appears between the two points. Set a third point on the canvas and a shape will begin to form. Continue adding points or moving points to create your desired shape.

  • FILL and ERASE - Apply inside the selected polygon and leaves the area outside as-is
  • CUT OUT - Leaves the inside of the polygon as-is and erases outside of it

SMART TRACE - Give us head start with placing the points on the Canvas.

REVERT MASK - To remove any changes made with the mask.

APPROVE MASK - To apply the mask.


  • Use the SCROLL WHEEL on your mouse to zoom in and out or click the + and - buttons located near the bottom of the canvas. 
  • You can also use the - and = keys on your keyboard to zoom in and out.
  • Use CONTROL/COMMAND + Z to undo an action and use CONTROL/COMMAND + Y to redo an action. Additionally you can use the back and forward arrow buttons located near the bottom right corner of the canvas.

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