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ACM Definitions: Home Page


APERTURE CONTENT MANAGER - Stands for Aperture Content Manager which is a cloud-based storage where captures taken with the Aperture Capture Tool are transferred to.

BELL ICON/NOTIFICATIONS - The Bell icon can be clicked to check the notifications regarding the account.

HELP CENTER - Our Knowledge base and articles created to help customers self service questions or features

CONTACT US - Our email address for Aperture Support:


  •      ACCOUNT SETTINGS - Configurations and settings associated with the user’s account
  •      EDIT PROFILE - Basic vendor information
  •      EDIT CATEGORIES - Categories are very useful for organizing your assets so that they can be found more easily. You are able to create and edit your own categories. Once you have created your categories they will appear just below the search bar at the top of the page and will look something like like this:

SORT BY - Organizing product view. The gallery can be sorted by clicking on the drop down menu beside “Sort by:”





SEARCH BAR (FIND PRODUCTS BY SKU#, NAME AND MORE…) - Using the search bar at the top, captures can be found according to tags, dates, SKU#, etc.

  •      RESET
  •      APPLY
  •       SKUS 
  •       CAPTURES
  •       IMAGES

CAPTURE DATE RANGE - Time or date of when captures were taken:

  •      ALL
  •      TODAY
  •      PAST WEEK
  •      PAST MONTH
  •      PAST YEAR

SELECT - Can be used to select multiple SKUs or captures and apply a Template

GRID & LIST VIEW - The gallery can be displayed in two ways, the List View and the Grid View. The List view displays the images below one another. The Grid view displays the images both vertically and horizontally from each other.

CHAT BUBBLE - You can click on the chat bubble and send a message to Aperture Support

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