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Mask Approval

  • This screen is most commonly used to examine an ML mask to see if it needs to be edited or if it can be approved as-is.
  • You can pan and zoom to examine small details in the mask. 
  • The following slides will examine features on this screen.

Mask Approval: Background

  • These are the colors to indicate transparent parts of the mask.
  • Some mask problems may not be obvious on a single color; cycle through these options to make sure the object looks good against different colors.

Mask Approval: Revert

  • You may revert to the capture's approved mask or the original ML mask using these buttons.
  • If the displayed mask is not different from one of these sources, the revert button will not be shown. 

Mask Approval: Apply

  • Use Apply Mask to This and Following Images to set the current mask as the new approved mask for the capture. This may apply to other images that use this capture.
  • Use Apply Mask to This Image Only to use the current mask for this image only, and not change the approved mask.

Mask Approval: Edit

If there are problems with the mask, use this button to enter the Mask Editor.


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