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Mask Editing: Shape

Shape: Add, Edit, Remove Points

  • Click away from existing points to add points. 
  • Click on a point to drag it.
  • Shift+Click on a point to remove it.
  • The Curve tool allows users to accurately shape points around rounded objects.
  • Be sure to hit Apply Shape when done!


Shape Modes

  • There are three polygon modes.
  • Fill and Erase apply inside the selected polygon and leaves the area outside as-is.
  • Cut Out leaves the inside of the polygon as-is and erases outside of it.

Shape: Smart Trace

  • Smart Trace will try to reproduce the shape of the object as an editable polygon, based on the ML mask.
  • Note that smart trace does not currently have support for finding multiple polygons, or shapes with holes in them. This is coming in a future version. 


Finishing Up

  • Once done with Brush and Shape mode, hit Apply Changes to return to the review screen.
  • From here, you can apply this to the current image, or save it as the default mask for the capture.


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