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About the Gallery

Your Gallery

The Search Bar

Using the search bar at the top, captures can be found according to tags, dates, SKU#, etc.



The gallery can be sorted by clicking on the drop down menu beside “Sort by:”

This can be sorted by:

  • Product Name
  • SKU #
  • New Products
  • Older Products

View by Category

The gallery can be viewed by Category:

  • Click on the created Category drop down menu.
  • Select a category option.


Grid and List View

The gallery can be displayed in two ways, the List View and the Grid View. 

  • The List view displays the images below one another. 
  • The Grid view displays the images both vertically and horizontally from each other.


Notifications and Help Icon

On the upper right corner of the page, we have the Bell icon and the Help icon. 

  • The Bell icon can be clicked to check the notifications regarding the account. 
  • While clicking on the Help icon allows you to access the Help Center or to email Aperture Support. 


Types of Captures

Unmasked Captures

  • Captures that have not had their masks approved by a user have grayed out thumbnails.
  • Use the Review Mask button to launch the editor.
  • The editor will be locked in the Masking step until a mask is approved

Masked Captures

  • Captures that do have approved masks have solid thumbnails.
  • Use the Create Image button to launch the editor.
  • The editor will skip the Masking step and will start in the Create Scene step.

Existing Images

  • Captures that have already had their masks approved will have solid thumbnails.
  • To launch the editor, open the Kebab menu and select Edit Image, or double-click the thumbnail image.
  • The Editor will launch directly into the Create Scene step, skipping Masking.


Product Info

The Product Info tab includes information about the specific collection that is being viewed. 

From here, you can update the following: 

  • Product name
  • Product description
  • Product Design (Fabric and Finish)
  • Dimensions (Depth, Width, Height, Weight)
  • Categories
  • Tags
Note: It is not possible to update the SKU # at the moment. 

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